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Blackduck School levy is necessary for repairs

Blackduck School District is running a 20-year bond referendum for $830,000. On a $100,000 home, the cost will be $21 a year. This includes vacation homes too. If passed, it will be used only to replace the school roof, replace or repair brick work, buy three buses and a van. School employees will not benefit financially from the passing of this bond referendum.

The roof has leaked for some time now and it's getting worse so it is necessary to replace it. Outside, crumbling bricks need to be replaced or repaired because they are also getting worse. We have one bus that has 257,000 miles on it and many of our other buses have over 150,000. Repairs are happening more often and are costly plus the bus bodies are wearing away. Our usual practice is to run our buses 10 years before they are replaced. We have not had the money to keep up the 10-year schedule. Our van is 12 years old and by law we must get rid of it. It has 214,000 miles.

The school doesn't have enough money in the General Fund to cover these costs. Therefore, our school needs our financial support. Let's help Blackduck's school out by passing this bond referendum so they can replace the roof, repair the outside bricks, and purchase three buses and a van.

Rodney Benson