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The Minnesota Percussion Trio will tour Kitchigami Libraries and communities for a performance of their most popular program, CLICKS, CLAPS and CLUNK!


The Minnesota Percussion Trio has performed together since 1987. In that time, they have performed in over 1,000 schools, libraries, museums and community fine arts series. Trio members are Bob Adney, Erik Barsness and Josh Carlson.

At the core of Minnesota Percussion Trio's artistic expression is their belief that music comes from the heart and then you find something to play it on. A five gallon bucket, some old tin cans, spoons and sheets of paper all become unlikely instruments in a fascinating "found percussion" program. Families of all ages will love this fun and educational journey into the world of contemporary percussion. Children are encouraged to attend!

The Minnesota Percussion Trio will be performing May 21 at 11 a.m. at the Blackduck Golf Course. This program is provided by the Blackduck Community Library and sponsored by the Kitchigami Regional Library through the State of Minnesota Legacy Amendment Funds.

Doug Ohman, photographer

Doug Ohman, a popular speaker, storyteller and photographer well known for his acclaimed Minnesota Byways series, visited each of Minnesota's 66 state parks to capture their classic beauty, storied wildlife and wealth of activities in all seasons.

Prairie, Lake, Forest: Minnesota's state parks features more than two hundred color photographs, with sixteen essays by outdoors writer Chris Niskanen, who chronicles the experience of exploring the parks through the eyes of those who know them best.

Just released May 1 is his newest book Libraries of Minnesota, which features a photograph of the historical Cass Lake Library.

Ohman will present a program and slide presentation of his work May 31 at 6:30 p.m. at the Blackduck Good Samaritan Senior Living Center. This program is provided by the Blackduck Community Library and sponsored by the Kitchigami Regional Library System with funding from the Minnesota Library Legacy Fund.

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