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UPDATED: Jury finds Rossbach guilty

Benson team wins fourth annual Gary Newell walleye tournament

Jay and Jack Benson took first place Saturday in the fourth annual Gary Newell Memorial Eagles Walleye Tournament on lakes Bemidji and Irving.

Fishing was good as 150 anglers caught 260 walleyes and released alive 257 fish to fight another day. Forty boats brought in a limit of five fish.

The Bensons had a total of 16.30 pounds, edging out runnersup Larry Eichstad and John Church with 16.03 pounds. Eichstad and Church also took big fish honors with a 6.92-pound lunker.

The results:

1. Jay Benson-Jack Benson 16.30

2. Larry Eichstadt-Jon Church 16.03

3. John Haugstad-Bill Kane 14.92

4. Leonard Newell-Andy Folkers 14.50

5. Tim Vigen-Jonny Zastro 13.73

6. Brian Hendricks-Bill Nelson 13.09

7. Jack Greengo-Ken Newman 13.07

8. R. Whittington-R. Whittington 13.05

9. Al Kendall-Jim Cambell 12.90

10. Randall Peterson-Tom Peterson 12.82

11. Brian Davis-Randy Tisdell 12.75

12. Donny Wilcox-Nick Von Holdt 12.67

13. Kelly Hanson-Dave Hanson 12.60

14. Tim Henrichs-Ernie Heifert 12.58

15. Dan Ahlquist-Joe Ahlquist 12.42