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Bemidji wonderful place to live, but hard to work

I came to Erskine two years ago with whatever I could stuff in my truck and my then-6-year-old. I was there for six weeks and got a job in Bemidji. I proceeded to start our lives all over again with nothing. I shouldn't say nothing, we had hopes and dreams for our small family.

I've been told that Bemidji is a great place to live; it's growing and the community takes care of its own. I have been told to purchase things such as a car, etc., to keep the money in the community and to keep families who live here working so we all can support our families.

Needless to say, they laid me off. Although they gave me a letter of recommendation which states that due to cost-cutting measures, they are getting rid of my department."

They have hired someone in the city to do my job; I feel that it is one of the cruelest behaviors I have ever encountered in my 16 years experience in my job. I feel this company has no loyalty to the community and their creed is a disgrace to this community.

Penny Davis