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Bemidji Speedway: Drivers take advantage of Monday's perfect weather conditions

Skyler Smith led a pack of Midwest Modified drivers around the turn during Monday’s Memorial Day races at Bemidji Speedway. In pursuit were eventual feature winner John Halvorson (No. 35) and Trent Dyrdahl. Dennis Peterson | Special to the Pioneer

Dennis Peterson

Special to the Pioneer

BEMIDJI -- For the second day in a row race fans enjoyed great weather, a great car count and excellent track conditions at Bemidji Speedway.

Mini Stocks

Mike Hart powered up from his second row start to take the lead and win the feature. Tim Hart, Jenny Watrud, Danny Brown and Nicole Feda finished in the top five.

Pure Stock

Bill Chaboyea took the early lead with Kevin Baumgarner, Al Sadek Jr., Al Sadek Sr., and Justin Feltus trailing. A caution waved for several spinouts and when racing resumed Chaboyea continued to hold the top spot. Chad Pushinsky made it into the top five only to drop back after sliding over the top of turn three. Chaboyea took the checkered flag for his first win of the new season followed by Al Sadek Jr., Baumgarner, Al Sadek Sr. and Josh Berg.

Wissota Mod Four

On the first attempt at a start several cars tangled in turn three sending Mike Margl and Jess Geesey to the pits for repairs and returned tailback along with Conrad Schwinn.

On the restart third row starter Jerry Esler powered past Josh Seeleye for second on the front straight. Esler then put his attention on the leader Tonja Stranger and on the back straight raced into the lead and quickly created distance from himself the field.

Sunday night feature winner Dean Larson made passes from his fourth row start to pull in behind Esler. Schwinnn worked his way through traffic to come from the tailback position to claim third as Esler picked up his first feature win of the summer. Larson, Schwinn, Tommy Sabraski and Mike Margl finished in the top five.

Wissota Super Stock

Nathan Higginbotham charged into the lead with Gary Nelson, Dalton Carlson, Matt Sparby and Keith Keena in the top five early. Higginbotham looked fast pulling out to a several car length lead with cars evenly spaced around the track. Sparby made his move after several laps moving inside in turn two to pass Carlson for third. But it wasn't to be Higginbotham's night as he slid up and around in turn four, bringing out the caution flag and sending him tailback for the restart and moving Nelson into the lead followed by Sparby, Carlson, Keena, and Gordie Lancaster.

Nelson held onto his lead to win the feature. He was followed by Carlson, Keena, Higginbotham and Lancaster.

Wissota Midwest Modified

Trent Dyrdahl and John Halvorson inherited the lead row after Davey Mills and Gary James Nelson collided and flew over the top of turn two on the first attempt at a start, sending both tailback. Halvorson took the lead at the green flag with Dyrdahl, Denis Czech, Brandon Bahr and Bret Schmidt in the top five.

Halvorson cruised to his first win of the summer with Dyrdahl, Czech, Schmidt and Bahr in the top five ending a great opening weekend of racing at Bemidji Speedway.

Racing will resume next Sunday with starting time back to 5 p.m.

Mini Stock Feature — Mike Hart, Tim Hart, Jenny Watrud, Danny Brown, Nicole Feda, Sue Berg, Dustin Behrends

Heat 1 — J. Watrud, T. Hart, D. Behrends, M.Hart, N. Feda

Bemidji Pure Stock Feature — Bill Chaboyea, Al Sadek Jr., Kevin Baumgarner, Al Sadek Sr., Josh Berg, Mike MacAdams, Harley Kroenig, Brian Feda, Austin Carlson, Justin Feltus, Chad Puschinsky, Dean Olafson, Josh Behrends

Heat 1 — M. MacAdams, B. Chaboyea, A. Sadek Sr., J. Behrends, B. Feda

Heat 2 — C. Puschinsky, K. Baumgarner, A. Sadek Jr., J. Feltus, J. Berg

Wissota Mod Four Feature — Jerry Esler, Dean Larson, Conrad Schwinn, Tommy Sabraski, Mike Margl, Tonja Stranger, Josh Seeleye, Joey Brown, Chris Brown, Jess Geesey

Heat 1 — D. Larson, J. Geesey, M. Margl, T. Sabraski, C. Brown

Heat 2 — J. Esler, C. Schwinn, T. Stranger, J. Seeleye, J. Brown

Wissota Super Stock Feature — Gary James Nelson, Dalton Carlson, Keith Keena, Nathan Higginbotham, Gordie Lancaster, Blake Higginbotham, Matt Sparby

Heat 1 — G. J. Nelson, N. Higginbotham, M. Sparby, K. Keena, D. Carlson

Wissota Midwest Modified Feature — John Halvorson, Trent Dyrdahl, Denis Czech, Bret Schmidt, Brandon Bahr, Skyler Smith, Matt Fullerton, Davey Mills, Justin Olson, Weston Ramsrud, Darrin Lawler, Jerod Lene, Ron Reed, Gary James Nelson

Heat 1 — Denis Czech, G.J. Nelson, D.Mills, B. Bahr, J. Olson

Heat 2 — B.Schmidt, S. Smith, J. Halvorson, T. Dyrdahl, M. Fullerton