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Bemidji Speedway: Berg completes sweep in Mini Stocks

Al Sadek Sr., held a lead over Josh Berg (No. 35) and Margo Butcher in the Pure Stock Challenge featurd during Sunday’s action at Bemidji Speedway. Dennis Peterson | Special to the Pioneer 1 / 2
The mud was flying and the action was hot and furious in Turn Two on Sunday in the Wissota Super Stock class when Seth Kramer (No. 68) and Keith Keena (No. 3) spun off the track. Avoiding the trouble were Blake Higginbotham (No. 94), Dalton Carlson (No. 57) and Gordie Lancaster. Dennis Peterson | Special to the Pioneer2 / 2

BEMIDJI -- Bemidji Speedway drivers and fans finished off the 4th of July holiday weekend with racing at its finest. Sue Berg completed a clean sweep in the Mini Stocks for the first time ever while Butch Butcher won his first of the summer in the Wissota Super Stock class. Al Sadek Jr. won the Pure Stock challenge race and Bret Schmidt won his second Wissota Midwest Modified feature in a row. Dean Larson picked up win number four in the Wissota Modified class. Racing will resume next Sunday with the mid-season championships starting at 5 p.m..

Mini Stocks

Sue Berg started in the pole position and took the early lead but current point leader Jenny Watrud powered up from her second row starting position to take the lead. Waltrud then dropped back and out of the race with mechanical trouble and a flat tire forced Berg to the back.

On the restart Berg immediately passed several cars to get back into second and then regained the lead late in the race passing Brody Kropuenske to complete her clean sweep win. Kropuenske,Becky Barrett, Nicole Feda and Watrud completed the top five.

Pure Stock Challenge

Josh Berg drove out to a comfortable lead with Al Sadek Jr. chasing and slowly gaining ground. Several cautions slowed the racing in the middle section of the race and several cars were sent tailback for infractions. The final restart was single file with Sadek Jr. holding his line and winning the race. Al Sadek Sr., Berg, Margo Butcher, who won the first challenge race, was fourth and Kevin Baumgarner fifth.

Wissota Mod Four

Mod Fours are usually one of the quickest features in terms of time on the track but that wasn't the case Sunday because of more than a half dozen spins, crashes and restarts. Dean Larson has been dominant at Bemidji and racing from the sixth row Sunday was a challenge. Larson took advantage of a series of spinouts and two restarts to work his way into second place.

Challenging for the lead, Larson went low and, when leader Mike Margl slid up high, something gave way, causing his car to do a hard left into the side of Larson and sending Margl to the pits. Once in front Larson stayed there to claim his fourth feature win of the summer at Bemidji. Chad Funt took a well-earned second with Conrad Schwinn, Fran Hauber and tonja Stranger in the top five.

Wissota Super Stocks

The first of several caution was created by debris on the front straight and then on the restart hard contact between Nathan Higginbotham and Seth Kramer in turn two brought out the yellow flag once again with Higginbotham done for the night. Butch Butcher made a quick pass on the restart to take the lead as Dalton Carlson looked to have mechanical issues and was done for the night. The final restart was controlled by Butcher as he claimed his first feature of the summer at Bemidji.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

For the first two laps it was a duel between Weston Ramsrud and Bret Schmidt for the lead. After Ramsrud slid high in turn two Schmidt grabbed the lead followed by Skyler Smith, Trent Dyrdahl, John Halvorson, and Brandon Bahr. Schmidt and Smith created some distance between themselves and, through a pair of cautions, Schmidt held his spot and claimed his second feature in two weeks. Smith, Halvorson, Dyrdahl, and Bahr took top five honors.

Mini Stock Feature — Sue Berg, Brody Kropuenske, Becky Barrett, Nicole Feda, Jenny Watrud

Heat 1 — Berg, Kropuenske, Watrud, Feda, Barrett

Pure Stock Challenge Feature — Al Sadek Jr., Sadek Sr., J. Berg, M. Butcher, K. Baumgarner, B. Chaboyea, J. MacAdams, M. MacAdams, H. Kroening, S. Knaeble, T. Kroening, A. Carlson, B. Feda

Heat 1 — J. MacAdams, H. Kroening, M. Butcher, S. Knaeble, B. Chaboyea

Heat 2 — A. Sadek Jr., Sadek Sr., J. Berg, A. Carlson, T. Kroening

Wissota Mod Four Feature — Dean Larson, Chad Funt, Conrad Schwinn, Fran Hauber, Tonja Stranger, Josh Seeleye, Jess Geesey, Mike Margl, Joey Brown, Jerry Esler

Heat 1 — J. Esler, C. Schwinn, F. Hauber, J. Geesey, D. Larson

Heat 2 — M. Margl, C. Funt, T. Stranger, J. Seeleye, J. Brown

Wissota Super Stock Feature — Butch Butcher, Gary James Nelson, Blake Higginbotham, Seth Kramer, Keith Keena, Gordie Lancaster, Dalton Carlson, Nathan Higginbotham

Heat 1 — G. J. Nelson, N. Higginbotham, D. Carlson, S. Kramer, K. Keena

Wissota Midwest Modifieds Feature — Bret Schmidt, Skyler Smith, John Halvorson, Trent Dyrdahl, Brandon Bahr, Tim Jackson, Weston Ramsrud, Matt Fullerton, Gary James Nelson, Ron Reed, Alex Johnson, Jerad Lene, Tyler McClellan, Don Platow

Heat 1 — B. Schmidt, W. Ramsrud, T. Dyrdahl, T. Jackson, A. Johnson

Heat 2 — J. Halvorson, G. J. Nelson, S. Smith, B. Bahr, M. Fullerton