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Bemidji showed great hospitality

My wife and I were recent guests in Bemidji of two of the kindest people we have ever met, Sen. John Carlson (R-Bemidji) and Bill Batchelder.

After deciding to celebrate our wedding anniversary in the Bemidji/Itasca State Park area, I contact my friend from Bemidji, Sen. Carlson, and asked him, what do I see and do when we get to Bemidji. I haven’t been there since age 6, 58 years ago, and all I remembered was Paul Bunyan and Babe. Who doesn’t remember them? Sen. Carlson then introduced us to Mr. Batchelder. Then it was off to see Bemidji.

Of course it started off with a tour of Bemidji Woolen Mills (an amazing piece of history). My wife was fascinated. Then off to the BSU homecoming events. We met Dr. James Bensen and his family at the building dedication in his name. What an awsome family. We also attended the Beaver Pride luncheon where we met your new BSU basketball coach and assistant, also the football coach, and many others. We got a great tour of the new football locker room and facilities at BSU including the two alumni buildings. Then, since I am a huge veterans advocate, Mr. Batchelder took us to visit the two different veterans memorials in Bemidji.

All in all, a super day. I can’t thank these two gentlemen, Sen. Carlson and Bill Batchelder, enough for the great outpouring of hospitality. These are two of the greatest ambassadors any city should be glad to have.

As I do a lot of work with the veterans community in Minnesota, I looked forward to meeting Joe Vene, since he is the fighter-in-chief in St. Paul for the new veterans home in Bemidji. Unfortunately, he was out of town. I look forward to connecting up with him someday soon and helping him with his tireless effort to bring the vets home to Bemidji. It belongs here.

Once again, thank you to all the great citizens of Bemidji.

Charlie and Debi Makidon

Pine River, Minn.