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Bemidji should change law to make way for Zorbaz

I am a college student at Bemidji State University and I am upset with the fact that the 2 a.m. bar closing will not go through in Bemidji. My parents live in Grand Rapids and we live not even a mile from the Zorbaz on Lake Pokegama, and driving past at 1 or 2 a.m. has never been a problem.

People know that the police are going to be stepping up efforts of DUI enforcement and many leave their vehicles in the parking lot overnight and find other means to get home. The place always has cars there and does great business. It attracts the young and old in the summer time on the beach to have a bite to eat and a beverage.

I think that if Zorbaz does not come to Bemidji because some people were disrespectful it will be a shame. I know that my friends and I would love a place to go on the weekends, a place to hang out and get together in a social atmosphere like Zorbaz.

I want to apologize to Thomas Hanson, founder of Zorbaz, from all of us here in Bemidji who would love to see Zorbaz come into this ever-growing town.

I think that if they decide against it that it is a shame and it would really bring something to this town that isn't here yet. And I thank you for giving Bemidji the opportunity to have your services.

Katie Jurvelin

Grand Rapids