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Bemidji City Council: Chickens have been moved

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Bemidji Pioneer
Bemidji City Council: Chickens have been moved
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The chickens at the center of a recent debate have been moved.

The Bemidji City Council on Tuesday voted 4-2 to require Sam Kvale's flock of 100 chickens to be moved from the city limits within 24 hours.

Those chickens were moved early Wednesday morning to a location between Bemidji and Cass Lake.

Kvale said the chickens have been moved to a friend's house, although the publicity surrounding the chicken effort has prompted numerous offers of assistance.

"It's been really good," he said of the response.

Kvale had a permit to keep the chickens within city limits, but it included a stipulation that if the operation received one complaint the permit would be invalid.

After a complaint was received and the permit was deemed to be invalid, Kvale chose to fight the revocation.

The chickens are still slated to be slaughtered about Sept. 18.

Pioneer staff reports