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Beltrami County voters pick Dayton

The margin isn't as narrow, but Beltrami County voters favored former U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton in Tuesday's balloting for governor.

Democrat Dayton remained about 9,000 votes ahead of Republican Tom Emmer, most likely forcing a recount, depending upon final results as certified by the State Canvassing Board on Nov. 23.

In Beltrami County, Dayton polled 47.11 percent while Emmer ended with 40.89 percent in final unofficial results. Independence Party candidate Tom Horner finished a distant third at 9.59 percent.

In congressional races, Beltrami County voters picked the winners.

In the 8th District U.S. House race, Republican Chip Cravaack upset 18-term U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, a Democrat, and Beltrami voters went the same. In the county Cravaack polled 51.9 percent while Oberstar ended with 42.36 percent.

U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, DFL-7th District, had no trouble in his re-election bid, finishing ahead of Republican Lee Byberg and two others. In the county, Peterson had 60.3 percent and Byberg 34.3 percent.

In state legislative races, Beltrami County voters went with the eventual winners in all but one case. House 2B Rep. Brita Sailer, DFL-Park Rapids, led in Beltrami County balloting, but eventually lost to Republican Dave Hancock of Bemidji.

Beltrami County

Unofficial final results

U.S. House 7th District

Independence, Glenn Menze, 348, 3.26 pct; Republican, Lee Byberg, 3,658; 34.3 pct; DFL, Collin Peterson, 6,432, 60.3; Independent, Gene Waldorf, 212, 1.99 pct.

U.S. House 8th District

Independence, Timothy Olson, 258, 4.95 pct; Republican, Chip Cravaack, 2,688, 51.9 pct; DFL James Oberstar, 2,192; 42.36; Constitution, Richard (George) Burton, 34, 0.66 pct.

State Senate 2

Republican, Dennis Moser, 2,860, 42.3 pct; DFL Rod Skoe, 3,898, 57.65 pct.

State Senate 4

Republican, John Carlson, 4,593, 50.01 pct; DFL, Mary Olson, 4,563, 49.68 pct.

State House 2B

Republican, David Hancock, 3,222, 47.48 pct; DFL, Brita Sailer, 3,558, 52.43 pct.

State House 4A

Republican, Richard Lehmann, 4,010, 44.24 pct.; DFL, John Persell, 4,981, 54.95 pct.

Governor and Lt. Governor

Independence, Tom Horner and James Mulder, 1,532, 9.59 pct; Republican, Tom Emmer and Annette Meeks, 6,531, 40.89 pct; DFL, Mark Dayton and Yvonne Prettner Solon, 7,526, 47.11 pct; Green, Farheen Hakeem and Dan Dittmann, 89, 0.56 pct; The Resource Party, Linda Eno and Howard Hanson, 44, 0.28 pct; Grassroots Party, Chris Wright and Edwin Engelmann, 103, 0.64 pct.; Ecology Democracy Party, Ken Pentel and Erin Wallace, 134, 0.84 pct.

Secretary of State

Independence, Jual Carlson, 854, 5.47 pct; Republican, Dan Severson, 6.765, 43.37 pct; DFL, Mark Ritchie, 7,962, 51.04.

State Auditor

Republican, Patricia "Pat" Anderson, 7,240, 46.72 pct; DFL, Rebecca Otto, 7,424, 47.91 pct; Green, Annie Young, 505, 3.26 pct; Grassroots Party, Kenny Kallingher, 316, 2.04 pct.

Attorney General

Independence, Bill Dahn, 740, 4.77 pct; Republican, Chris Barden, 6,374, 41.11 pct; DFL, Lori Swanson, 8,227, 53.06 pct; The Resource Party, David Hoch, 149, 0.96 pct.

County Commissioner 1

Sally Fineday, 1,131, 33.42 pct; Jack Frost, 2,243, 66.28 pct;

County Commissioner 2

Joe Vene, 1,861.

County Commissioner 3

Jim Heltzer, 2,842.

County Auditor-Treasurer

Kay Mack, 13,567.

County Sheriff

Bill Cross, 6,987, 44.31 pct; Philip Hodapp, 8.762, 55.56 pct.

County Attorney

Timothy Faver, 12,651.

Soil & Water Supervisor 1

Jay Frenzel, 12,639.

Soil & Water Supervisor 2

Write-ins, 713.

Contested Judicial Races

Associate Justice Supreme Court 2

Helen Meyer, 7,805, 61.17 pct; Greg Wersal, 4,921, 38.57 pct.

Associate Justice Supreme Court 6

Alan Page, 7,356, 52.26 pct; TimTingelstad, 6,703; 47.62 pct.

Judge Court of Appeals 14

Dan Griffith, 5,513, 45.35 pct; Larry Stauber Jr., 6,611, 54.38 pct.

Judge 9th District Court 16

Darrell Carter, 4,775, 34.57 pct; Paul Benshoof, 9,012, 65.25 pct.

Judge 9th District Court 17

Paul Rasmussen, 7,229, 53.76 pct; Terrance Holter, 6,187, 46.01 pct.