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Be informed, hold politicians accountable

The one thing we should all agree on as this national election season comes to a dramatic finish is, we may not agree, but if we don’t vote, we have no right to complain who wins. Yes, we have had close elections in the 40 years I have been able to vote, but I can’t remember a more hostile, divisive election.

But it’s not my place to tell you how to vote. I just hope it is an informed vote, based on your own mind being made up by your experiences, observations, and fact gathering. Please don’t let a boss, co-worker, neighbor, relative, friend or your church, decide for you – that’s their agenda. Don’t let the media, with all its bashing, lies, innuendo and insults, persuade you – they make their living selling ads and controversy.

Instead I hope and pray this year we have the largest turnout at election time ever, locally and nationally, because we are truly looking to the future of our lives, homes, jobs and freedoms we have as Americans.

In traveling a lot of second- and third-world nations over the years, the thing most of the people there told me they wished for is a government that let them vote for the people who shaped their lives, and gave them the same dignity as their neighbor, no matter their wealth, status, sex or religious background,

The one thing I will ask you to do is when this presidential, state and local election is over, hold those politicians accountable for what they promised, to work with the other side of the aisle for compromise, and get the people’s work done. That’s their job, whether you voted for them or not. Call or write your congressperson, legislator or representative, and tell them the election is over, it’s time to stop campaigning and get to work for all of us, not just the people who gave them the most money, or twisted their arm. Warn them that if they don’t, they won’t be in office long, and they will be deported to Syria for the rest of their term.