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Be green, but learn planet's history

A recent letter to the editor writer wrote that "Plants and animals are migrating north," "The growing season is expanding," "Minnesota just had its hottest first 10 days of July in history," "Hardly anyone anywhere is denying that the planet is warming." Ad nauseam.

If the writer would just take a moment to look at our history, he might be surprised to find that 10,000 years ago Bemidji had a climate that supported plant life that one would find in Florida today. I would also ask the writer to realize that this planet has been around for about 14 billion years and that our planet has had many, many long epochs of extreme heat and extreme cold.

A blink of an eye does make for good observations. Now, I do appreciate the writer's concern for our planet. We do. For example, we added extra insulation to our home when it was built 24 years ago so that our only heat source would be a geo-thermal unit. We have triple pane windows, 8- to 16-inch thick walls, large windows on the southern side and very small windows on the northern side. We also have deciduous trees on the southern side and evergreen trees which I planted on the northern side. And, I have planted over 17,000 trees because I want to keep our area green, green and greener.

We meticulously separate our wet and dry garbage and raise organically grown vegetables, many of which we give away.

So we are most supportive of having a planet that will always be sustainable. But all this malarkey that this writer uses about planet warming belies a misunderstanding or ignorance of the history of the planet. Read your history books, my friend.

Fulton Gallagher