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Bald eagles more of a threat to salmon than drilling

You're worried about salmon if they start drilling for more oil? If you want to know what hurts the salmon, it is the bald eagle. I lived for three years between Sitka and Juneau and worked in the logging camps. There were eagles all over. At that time there was a $2 bounty on them. I shot about 36 eagles.

They didn't always live on dead fish. I know their favorite food is salmon eggs. I shot one in the tree one time when he fell down, he split open and he was full of salmon eggs.

The bears really don't hurt the salmon population much. When the salmon are gone the eagles will all eventually starve to death. So then you'll wind up with nothing. On a picture there are 81 eagles waiting for fish lunch.

The picture is from about 1950.

Ken Foldoe