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Attitude is not entire solution with depression

A response to Robert Balsiger’s June 25 letter:

There are degrees of depression; everyone will go through periods of feeling low and sad in their lifetime, but most people will get over it and go on with their lives.

Some people have one to two years of a minor but persistent depression that may become chronic if not treated.

Some people develop major depression. Major depression is a serious condition that doesn’t go away, and interferes greatly with a person’s ability to function at an acceptable level.

Medications are a part of treating and reversing depressions of any severity. A positive attitude like you describe is most certainly essential, but is not the entire solution for many sufferers of depression. One has to be careful not to advise someone to stop taking their prescribed medications; suddenly stopping antidepressants is not advisable. Some medications require a regimen of slowly reducing the dosage until it can be stopped altogether. It may also be the case they will get very much worse after stopping their medications.

As they say on TV, "I’m not a doctor," but everything I’ve said above can be verified by a Internet search or talking to a mental health professional. We have a local organization, Hope House, that has information and outreach, as does the Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center.

Curtis D. Folstrom