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Attack on the Vatican is blown out of proportion

I am sick of the papal witch hunt! Are "facts" really facts? Between 2008-09, there were only six credible allegations made against 40,000 priests. This is striking given the media propaganda that the scandal involves pedophilia. The fact is that most cases involve homosexuality.

The pope's favorability among Catholics has jumped 43 percent. Why, because the media has been harder on the Catholic Church; 64 percent said the abuse stories were blown out of proportion.

The Vatican today is more interested in preventing abuse than trying to cover it up. There was never "secrecy." Most bishops followed the advice of therapists, not Canon Law. Back in 1970, everyone knew what the drill was: whether the accused was a priest, rabbi, minister, public school teacher, counselor -- whoever it was -- he was put in therapy. Then, upon a clean bill of health, was returned to his job.

An estimated $100 million was made suing the Catholic Church. In 2002, attorney Jeffery Anderson admitted to making $60 million. He refuses to say how much more he made in the last eight years.

Frank Roner