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Arizona made right move passing immigration law

Protesters rally across the nation demanding immigration overhaul immediately in the name of rights for millions of illegal immigrants.

I live six months in northern Minnesota and six months in Arizona in a farming community of around 300 people. The community is made up of a variety of people from all ethnic backgrounds many being Latino.

In the last few years in Arizona our crime problems have escalated beyond reason resulting in community involvement with law enforcement to counteract crimes. In our small community we have averaged 30 burglaries a year, many thefts, several murders, assaults and drug problems. By sheriff's office records many of these crimes involved illegal immigrants. Our sheriff has made arrests and sweeps and after doing so, crime tapers off until new people arrive to work on the farms. Many of these workers are illegal immigrants often with forged papers. This same scenario goes on over a good share of Arizona and people are tired of the crime and corruption that goes with it. Arizona has taken a stand and said enough is enough.

It would seem illegal immigrants have more rights than legal citizens of this country. In Arizona, the hospitals have been overrun with illegal immigrants who can't pay their bills. Illegal immigrants have taken jobs away from legal people because they will work for a lower wage thereby allowing businesses to make bigger profits.

Schools are burdened with extra pupils that are the offspring of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants get benefits from the welfare system and schools but do not pay any taxes, etc. People are encouraged to learn Spanish. Why not English, this is the U.S. On payday, many people are sending money to Mexico to assist families there. Some of this action is illegal and does not put money back in our economy.

People say we are prejudiced against Latinos. We don't live next to China, we live next to Mexico and that is the major source of illegal immigration in Arizona. These illegal people are often good people and only want a good life but they need to come to this country legally. It's time we, the citizens of the United States, stand up and demand justice and equality for all legal people in this country. Check out your rights in other countries, you have it great here in the U.S. if you're illegal.

Byron Dyrland