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Are you willing to help support our troops

Our young men and women are constantly asked to step up for their country. Time and time again they answer that call without questions. Many of them come back as wounded veterans of a foreign war. They become silent heroes fighting the battle of post-traumatic stress and unable to speak of the many horrors they have seen. Some have lost limbs and if asked again they would without question volunteer to fight for freedom, God and country again and again.

My question to you: Are you willing to step up and help these young men and women by belonging to an organization that fully supports these wonder veterans?

The American Legion Auxiliary started as a support group for the American Legion. However, the Auxiliary does a great deal for these young men and women who return in need of help. We support the families of those that are in Iraq or Afghanistan by helping them with whatever their needs are at the time.

October is membership month for the American Legion Auxiliary, and we invite you to attend our meeting Oct. 7 to find out how you can help to support our veterans. Did you have a father, grandfather, mother, sister or brother serve in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan? You are eligible to become an Auxiliary member. I invite you to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. Oct. 7 at the American Legion Club in Bemidji to find out what we are all about.

Martha M. Schmidt

President, American Legion Auxiliary