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Allowing Gaea to stay may set new precedent

Yes, I agree that all that has been created is good and sacred; but I also believe that all is good has its place, and that place is not necessarily on the corner of Fourth and Beltrami; Georgia O'Keefe, "Vagina Monologues," "Piss Christ" and the national media notwithstanding.

Does anyone else see the dichotomy of the statement, "Any child who looks at the Gaea statue and sees female anatomy ... has probably been exposed to something a child should not have been exposed to"? To what are we exposing this child?

Having accepted the merit of this particular objet d'art, what will we do when the next artist wishes to convey his reverential vision of the Mississippi, Father of Waters, perhaps with a depiction of the male genital anatomy spewing sacred waters over the Walk of Art viewers? Once the precedent has been set, what recourse will there be? It's all art, after all. Just wondering.

Mary Heisenfelt