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Albrecht will make a superb mayor

It is both exciting and overwhelming to write a letter of support for Rita Albrecht in her race to be mayor of Bemidji. She first came to Bemidji as a BSU student in 1976, but three years later she married and began a family.

In the process of raising her family, she also worked outside the home — in a family business — thus doing double duty as many women do. 

As her family matured she returned to BSU and completed both a B.S. and a B.A. degree in geography with an emphasis in planning in 2001. She has served as both a graduate assistant and adjunct faculty at BSU.

She worked for the city as a planner and when that position was eliminated, she sought other employment. Her interest in the city was so strong that she sought and won a spot on the City Council. Her work there not only increased her interest in city government, but caused many, many city government observers to encourage her to run for mayor.

How very fortunate we are to have such a highly qualified candidate. 

She has played many roles in Bemidji — a young college student, a wife, mother, business woman, older than average college student, BSU employee, city employee, resident, and City Council member — and it is apparent that she loves Bemidji, “warts and all” as the late Hubert Humphrey was fond of saying.

Please join me in supporting this caring, energetic, talented woman. She will make a superb mayor.

Lorraine F. Cecil