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Albrecht is right person at right time

I write this letter not as a resident of the city of Bemidji but as a resident living on the edge our economic and cultural center.

I met Rita Albrecht first at a leadership conference several years ago and was impressed by her mental skills and the fact that she was an AICP (American Institute Certified Planner) as I am. I know how difficult it is to be certified and the kind of training that is required to even be considered for such. For me it is a blessing to know that the future growth of our fair city has access to a leader with this level of experience and training.

The fact that this letter was and is neither a solicited endorsement nor one that comes from a city resident I hope will not detract from the notion that Bemidji needs strong, smart and skilled leadership to take advantage of future opportunities. I do not know well the present mayor and find him to be a fine person, and this letter is in no way written as an attack on him or his past leadership.

Bemidji has a very strong position with greater, nay, the greatest range of natural and man-made assets of any of over 100 or more freestanding cities that I consulted to in my 30 plus years of field experience. I chose to retire here for that very reason, and I see Rita as the right person at the right time.

I used to tell my former students that “no amount of planning will ever replace luck.” Well, we are lucky to have a person such as Rita running for mayor of Bemidji. I suggest you vote on the issue and take advantage of your luck and put her to work.