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Albrecht cares about, understands city

I am writing to support Rita Albrecht for mayor of Bemidji. As a longtime resident of our community, I believe she has the experience and knowledge of our community and region that we need and deserve in our mayor.

Rita is someone who has been working to make Bemidji better for many years. She volunteers on area boards, is a former business owner, a parent, grandparent and concerned citizen. She understands the multiple needs of our diverse and growing community.

Personally, I have worked with Rita on several boards and on several community projects. I trust Rita. She is a deep listener and great researcher. She will explore many facets of an issue and then respond in an informed, thoughtful, and proactive way.

It is time to elect someone who really cares about and understands Bemidji. In my opinion, that's Rita Albrecht.

Jill Naylor Yarger