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Agency’s work focuses on preventive care

Bemidji Pioneer readers have no doubt seen the local coverage recently of the “40 Days for Life” protests happening outside of Planned Parenthood. As clinic manager for Planned Parenthood here in Bemidji I see firsthand that, unfortunately, these protests can end up intimidating many of our patients.

Even though abortion is the main focus of the protests, every patient who has to pass by them is seeking basic health care services. In fact, 100 percent of what we do in Bemidji is preventive care like lifesaving cancer screenings, birth control, breast health services, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

I’m proud to work for Planned Parenthood because no other organization does more to prevent unintended pregnancies. I also have the privilege of working side by side with our highly trained nurses and clinical staff who work tirelessly to ensure that women and families are always able to access affordable, high-quality health care in a safe and caring environment.

Every year, 1,600 patients come to Planned Parenthood in Bemidji because they know they will get accurate information and non-judgmental care. If the protesters were truly committed to reducing the number of unintended pregnancies, they would work with Planned Parenthood to increase access to affordable birth control and comprehensive sex education.