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Level 4 Tropical Twist. Back row: Lindsey Hildenbrand, Hayli Allen, Elizabeth Corradi, Kiara Wittwer. Front Row: Macy Hietala and Abby Mueller

Aerials compete at St. Cloud, Fargo

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Aerials compete at St. Cloud, Fargo
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The Bemidji Aerials recently competed in the Tropical Twist gymnastics meet at St. Cloud, while the Level 7 and 8 Aerials competed in back-to-back meets in Fargo and St. Cloud.


At the Jurassic Classic in Fargo, Kylei Grosfield led the Aerials with a second-place all-around score of 33.3. Competing in Level 7 in the 9-11 age group, Grosfield scored 9.45 for first place on the vault, 7.2 for second on the uneven parallel bars, 7.725 on the balance beam, and 8.825 for fourth place on the floor exercise.

Here are other results from the meets:

St. Cloud Tropical Twist

The Level 6 team scored 97.575 for a 2nd place finish, and was led by Tara Tesch who competed in the 9-11 age group. Tesch placed 1st on the vault with 9.05, 3rd on the bars with 8.3, 2nd on the beam with 8.35, 4th on the floor with 7.65, and 3rd in the all-around with 33.35.

In the 12 and over age group, Emma Schmidt scored 8.5 for 2nd place on the vault, 8.475 for 2nd on the bars, 8.675for 2nd on the beam, 7.325 for 5th on the floor, and 32.975 for 3rd in the all-around.

Tatiana Smrekar scored 8.45 for 3rd on the vault, 7.4 for 5th on the bars, 8.2 for 6th on the beam, 6.75 on the floor, and 30.8 for 6th place in the all-around.

Serenati Melcher received 7.8 on the vault, 6.5 on the bars, 7.125 on the beam, and 7.2 on the floor for a 28.625 all-around total.

The Aerials Level 5 gymnasts were the second place team with a score of 104.25. Stephanie Lauderbaugh led the 5s with 8.7 on the vault, 8.775 on the bars, 8.425 on the beam, and 9.05 on the floor for a 34.95 all-around score.

Hannah Mueller hit 8.9 on the vault, 8.7 on the bars, 8.5 on the beam, and 8.675 for a 34.775 all-around total.

Courtney Mayer scored 8.4 on the vault, 9.0 on the bars, 8.475 on the beam, 8.65 on the floor and 34.525 in the all-around.

Kaitlyn Tennyson earned 8.35 on the vault, 7.4 on the bars, 8.225 on the beam, 7.4 on the floor, and 31.375 in the all-around.

Anna Corradi finished with 8.3 on the vault, 6.9 on the bars, 7.9 on the beam, 8.075 on the floor, and 31.175 in the all-around.

Isabelle Morin scored 8.1 on the vault, 6.9 on the bars, 7.5 on the beam, 7.5 on the floor, and 30.0 in the all-around.

Level 4 Aerials finished 5th of 9 teams with 104.275, and were led by Abigail Mueller with 9.45 on the vault, 9.225 on the bars, 9.05 on the beam, 8.175 on the floor, and 35.9 in the all-around.

Lindsey Hildenbrand hit 9.5 on the vault, 9.15 on the bars, 8.725 on the beam, 7.675 on the floor, and 35.05 in the all-around.

Hayli Allen scored 9.45 on the vault, 8.0 on the bars, 8.3 on the beam, 6.65 on the floor, and 32.4 in the all-around.

Elizabeth Corradi received 9.3 on the vault, 7.35 on the bars, 8.45 on the beam, 7.05 on the floor, and 32.15 in the all-around.

Kiara Wittwer earned 9.15 on the vault, 8.375 on the bars, 8.05 on the beam, 6.45 on the floor, and 32.025 in the all-around.

Macy Hietala finished with 8.9 on the vault, 6.8 on the bars, 5.6 on the beam, 6.05 on the floor, and 27.35 in the all-around.

The level 7 team scored 100.7 for 3rd place out of 8 teams. The Aerials' high scorer, Kylei Grosfield, 9-11 age group, scored 9.15 for 2nd on the vault, 8.15 for 4th on the bars, 8.4 for 5th on the beam, 9.0 for 3rd on the floor, and 34.7 for 3rd place in the all-around.

Kayla Hennum, 14 and over, hit 8.95 for 2nd on the vault, 6.45 for 4th on the bars, 9.0 for 1st on the beam, 8.95 for 2nd on the floor, and 33.35 for 1st in the all-around.

Jessica Bergquist, 14 and over, scored 8.6 for 3rd on the vault, 6.6 for 3rd on the bars, 7.75 for 2nd on the beam, 8.55 for 4th on the floor, and 31.5 for 2nd in the all-around.

Brittney Beck, in the 12-13 group, hit 8.95 for 8th on the vault, 7.15 on the bars, 6.65 on the beam, 8.45 on the floor, and 31.2 in the all-around.

The level 8 team scored 96.15 for a 4th place finish and were led by Haley Gregg, 14 and over, who received 8.35 on the vault, 7.25 for 7th on the bars, 8.25 for 5th on the beam, 8.85 for 6th on the floor, and 32.7 for 7th place in the all-around.

Hannah Gregg, in the 10-13 age group, hit 8.575 for 6th on the vault, 6.95 for 10th on the bars, 8.0 for 8th on the beam, 8.575 on the floor, and 32.1 for 10th place in the all-around.

Amber Peterson, 14 and over scored 8.45 on the vault, 6.85 on the bars, 7.75 for 9th on the beam, 8.3 for 10th on the floor, and 31.35 for 10th in the all-around.

Fargo Jurassic Classic

Kayla Hennum, scored 9.4 on the vault, 6.35 on the bars, 8.2 on the beam, 9.0 on the floor, and 32.95 in the all-around. Hennum placed 1st on the vault, beam, floor, and all-around in the 14 and over group in level 7.

Brittney Beck in the 12-13 age group earned 9.475 for 1st on the vault, 7.0 for 1st on the bars, 7.45 on the beam, and 8.55 on the floor for a 32.475all-around sum.

The Level 7s took 1st place at the Jurassic Classic.

In the level 8 session, Haley Gregg in the 14 and over group received 8.6 for 1st on the vault, 7.5 for 3rd on the bars, 8.5 for 3rd on the beam, 8.1 on the floor, and 32.7 for 3rd in the all-around.

Hannah Gregg in the 10-13 group hit 8.575 for 2nd on the vault, 6.75 on the bars, 8.25 on the beam, 8.6 on the floor, and 32.175 in the all-around.

Amber Peterson, 14 and over scored 8.5 for 2nd on the vault, 6.65 on the bars, 6.15 on the beam, 8.6 for 3rd on the floor, and 29.9 in the all-around.

Alyssa Allen received 8.0 on the vault, and 6.95 on the bars, but scratched on beam and floor due to an ankle injury she sustained on her vault.

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