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ACES support thanked

Thank you to the Bemidji Pioneer for adding its voice and support to the discussion of the federal climate and energy bill being debated in Congress right now. While the American Clean Energy and Security Act isn't perfect, it will get America running on clean energy and at very little cost to consumers.

In fact, according to a recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, putting a limit on carbon emissions will only cost the average household about 48 cents per day -- and that doesn't take into account the huge consumer savings that would come from the energy efficiency requirements in the bill.

Overall if this comprehensive climate and energy policy is passed, consumers can expect to see a net savings on their energy costs. I hope Minnesota's congressional leaders all vote in support of this policy -- we need to jumpstart the new energy economy and protect our lakes, rivers,and streams from global warming.

Sue Trnka

Northwest Minnesota Field Organizer

Minnesota Environmental Partnership