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$1 million liquor store not needed in Bagley

Why does Bagley need a new $1 million liquor store when we can’t even pay the current liquor store bill of $44,640?  These figures were presented at the Sept. 11 City Council meeting which I attended. The council has to wait two weeks before they can pay the bill. Doesn’t sound like good money management to me.

Why did the City Council pay $33,500 for three lots that were appraised at $17.500 at the county assessor’s office? Did the council know the appraised market value before they made that land purchase? What was the county assessor’s appraised market value of the adjacent land which cost the council an additional price of $60,000 as quoted in the Farmers Independent?

Why are we worried about the “high traffic” area needed for RV travel trailers, campers, etc., when they stop at the liquor store? People don’t loiter at any liquor store. Most people know what they want; they go in and buy their booze and then leave. Plus, Bagley certainly does not need a “dump station” next to a $1 million liquor store. Please leave that at Bagley City Park.

Why can’t the mayor and the council listen to the people? We do not need this extravagant $1 million liquor store. The mayor made the following statement in the Aug. 1 Farmers Independent:

“As we know more, the budget will be re-evaluated to make sure we are on the right track.”

We can’t even speak at the meetings, so how will the mayor and the council listen? The agenda for each council meeting needs to be put on cable prior to the meeting so “we the people” can get on the agenda. That is the only way that city residents are allowed to speak. We need a mayor and council members who are interested in the concerns of the taxpayers and respect the views of the people.

The biggest question is: Where will we, the homeowners of Bagley, get the money to pay for this proposed monstrosity? Our taxes are sky high now.

Ruby Bergquist