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Can’t change what God has established

My fellow Minnesotans – please stop and think and vote “yes” on the marriage amendment. The purpose of the amendment is to affirm what is common sense, right and already established. There are those who would like to expand the definition of marriage to include whomever you desire to engage in a relationship with regardless of gender.

Historically, the foundational institution of society has been the family with marriage between one man and one woman. In the beginning God established the joining of man and woman together and said it is good. God, the creator, also established right and wrong – morality. I may not like God’s morality but I cannot change what God has established. Making laws, court rulings and legalizing what God has declared is wrong does not change the fact that it is still wrong. Many times there is a large chasm between what is legal and what is right – moral. The decline of a society is well on its way when unbridled passion becomes the rule of law.

No one can choose for another with whom to have affection (love), but do not expect society to condone, accept as right and legalize what God has said is wrong – immoral. We are to love our fellow human beings, regardless of their beliefs, preferences and actions, with the God kind of love and perhaps brotherly kindness, but that doesn’t mean the acceptance and toleration of immoral behavior.

Stop and think: Marriage is the union between one man and one woman and to change the definition based on someone’s sexual preference is ludicrous. Do not be deceived.

Ken Glidden