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A ‘no’ vote supports family strength

I have had the pleasure and good fortune of living in Bemidji for over 30 years. Together, my husband and I raised our five children here in the Minnesota north country.

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with a form of ovarian cancer which resulted in extensive surgery and chemotherapy. I suddenly found myself on a journey which I had neither prepared for nor planned to take. Throughout the pain and uncertainty of this unpredictable disease, it has been the love, constancy and support of my spouse and children which has gotten me through. Together, we have found the strength necessary to meet the daily challenges which cancer presents.

As the arguments surrounding the Marriage Amendment swirl about in recent days, it has occurred to me how fortunate I am to be able to say the simple, yet profound phrase, “Together with my spouse and children.”

With unaccustomed clarity, my experience with cancer has helped me realize that all human beings, no matter their race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, deserve this same opportunity to say “Together with my spouse and children.”

Maybe when all the noise and debates about the Marriage Amendment quiet down, it really is that simple ... it really is that profound ... together with my spouse and children.

I will be voting “no” on Nov. 6.

Mary Hoody