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‘40 Days’ is a peaceful, prayerful vigil

In response to the letter from Doreen Lodge, Clinic Manager, Planned Parenthood MN/ND/SD, some clarifications about “40 Days for Life” is necessary.

First, Ms. Lodge characterized “40 Days for Life” as a protest. It is not a protest. It is a peaceful, prayerful vigil. These prayerful vigils are being held simultaneously in cities worldwide 24/7 for 40 days.

Second, we are aware that no surgical abortions are performed at the Bemidji Planned Parenthood (PP) Clinic; however, the local PP Clinic is associated with all other PP Clinics and abortuaries throughout the world and makes abortion referrals to other locations. We are also aware Bemidji PP may already provide or may be targeted to begin providing telemed abortions utilizing doctors not physically present to prescribe the deadly RU-486.

Third, the leading cause of death in our world today is abortion. Abortion is responsible for more deaths than any disease including cancer or cardiovascular disease, hunger or starvation resulting from poverty, or war. Annually, 42 million are aborted worldwide. That is equivalent to New York City being wiped out 3.5 times every year. In the U.S., 1.2 million are aborted (1 death every 24 seconds.) PP is responsible for 1 out of every 4 abortions worldwide and abortion referral is the first service listed on PP’s website.

The number one slogan for abortion is “pro choice,” yet where is the choice when only one option is offered? How can we call it “choice” when there is evidence the majority of abortions in America are accompanied by some form of coercion? This is the essential fallacy in “women’s right to choose.” The sad irony is that when women who have had abortions are asked why they did the No. 1 response is “they felt they had no choice.”

Bemidji currently has 17 area churches working together praying for an end to abortion. When prayer volunteers are approached and asked for information we are able to offer choices, including Birthright and the new Northwoods Pregnancy Center.

I encourage everyone, especially those who still believe abortion is a safe and reasonable “choice” for women (including Bemidji’s PP Clinic staff), to attend the viewing of “Blood Money” at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at First Baptist Church. If this is impossible I encourage you to watch the following two videos available on YouTube: Carol Everett “Abortion Provider Speaks” and “Former Planned Parenthood Leader Abby Johnson on Life Unplanned.”