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Alice Collins: A poem of thanks for all our caregivers

Our lives have changed as we come to age 90 and we depend on the help and care of many kind people.

I tend to turn to writing when I have news and thanks to tell so this is my way of expressing appreciation for the comfort of our days:

They check up on our vitals

And wheel us in our chairs

They call us by our first names

Though we can’t remember theirs.

They will help us bathe or shower

And relax our times of stress.

They serve us lunch and dinner,

And fill requests for more or less.

It cannot be an easy job

To relieve the many fears

Of these so-called golden oldies

In there not so golden years.

We surely want to tell them

Thought we may not seem aware.

We really do so thank them

For their thoughtful, patient care.

So here’s to Wind Song’s busy Staff

Who spend their work filled days

Making all our lives more pleasant

In a myriad of ways.