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JOHN EGGERS COLUMN: What's special in your life?

If you look closely, you will find a lot of things that are special in your life.

John EggersOne of the best things about having a son-in-law is that they come over to your place and plow out your driveway. Now that is pretty special. Can you think of a better Christmas present? Thanks, Shawn.

For the first time since we have been married, Kathy and I didn't give presents to each other this Christmas. Kathy did bake me a loaf of cranberry bread with nuts. I couldn't resist taking a piece while it was still warm. It was the best, I mean the best.

What is it about warm homemade bread that makes it so special? If every meeting began with everyone eating a slice of homemade bread, we could get a lot more accomplished. There is something spiritual about homemade bread. It makes us kinder and gentler.

It wasn't really a present but I had Kathy's watch cleaned for her for the first time in 49 years. I gave her a 14-carat, 23 jewels Bulova watch a year before we were married in 1967. I may have paid $50 for it, which at the time was a week's salary working at my hometown Red Owl store. The jeweler said that today it would be worth about $1,000.

There is something special about jewelry stores, don't you think? They really are congenial places and they are so clean. I told the jeweler, Dean, that my wife doesn't really care too much about wearing jewelry, which makes me pretty lucky. I know all of you husbands out there spend a lot of money on jewelry and I think that is money well spent. It shows you care about that special person in your life.

Caring about something is very special. About 200,000 or more women will be marching on Washington the day after the inauguration because they care about women's rights. They want to remind President Trump not to forget to honor women. If you are going you better call now and reserve a room.

We had a combined Christmas and New Year's celebration with my father in his assisted living apartment last weekend. He is doing just fine, thank you. What do you get a 99-year-old guy? I sent an old photo to the Outdoor News newspaper of my father and four other men as they posed in front of a board on which were nailed about 50 mallards. The year was around 1940 and it was opening day of duck season at Vern Hand's slough located south of my hometown of Waterville. I hope they print the photo. I know he would enjoy it. Old photos are pretty special. Do you have any lying around? If they are just loose, put them in an album.

My son and I saw the film "Rogue One, A Star Wars Story." If you don't like space and science fiction and robotic creatures and loud noise, you won't enjoy the movie. I really can't say that I enjoyed it, but I did enjoy the opportunity of going to the movies with my son. There's nothing more special than doing something with your children.

Kathy and I don't see as many movies as we used to. How about you? I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that I would want to see again. It may have been "Open Range" with Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner. That movie probably has the best western gunfight I have ever seen in any western movie. If you saw it, you know what I am talking about. The old fashion western movies always had a happy ending. That made them pretty special.

Probably the most special thing you can do is to call someone you have not talked to for a long time. One such person in my life is my Aunt Alicia. She lives in California and came to the United States from Uruguay to be in the movies. She was Miss Uruguay back in the 1960s. She married my uncle and had three children. My uncle, a former major and bombing pilot in World War II, passed away about 12 years ago. I was named after him. We had a great conversation and I know she appreciated my phone call after so many years. I vowed to make my calls much more frequent.

The local Lions club is an organization that seems to be doing special things all of the time. They spend a lot of time feeding us with their special dinners and giving the money to a host of worthy organizations. I re-joined the Lions after taking a break for a few years. Thanks for inviting me again, Jack. Anyone who is an advocate for a good cause is truly special.

You see, lots of special things happen to us on a daily basis and it's those things that make life so worth living even in the cold, often frigid, country of northern Minnesota.

Riddle of the day: What did one snowman say to the other snowman? (Smells like carrots.) Can't find anything special to do? Go build a snowman. It never fails.

John R. Eggers of Bemidji is a former university professor and area principal. He also is a writer and public speaker.