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Matt Cory: 'Kitchi time' is a fine time

'Here are some Kitchi Lake facts I gleaned from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' website:

The lake is 1,785 acres and it is approximately 18 miles east of Bemidji. Kitchi also is within the boundaries of both the Leech Lake Indian Reservation, as well as the Chippewa National Forest. The Lady Slipper Scenic Byway runs nearby.

Kitchi has a 50 foot maximum depth and is part of the Cass Lake chain of lakes.

OK, here are some facts about Kitchi Lake I learned firsthand this weekend:

The people at Kitchi Landing Resort are awesome.

My wife, Betsy, and I were invited to Kitchi by some longtime friends from Grand Forks, who had been telling Betsy and me about their times at the lake for years. So, when we moved to Bemidji several months ago, we knew we'd hook up with them eventually. This past weekend, with our children off visiting their cousins, Bets and I headed up to Kitchi, a whopping 18 miles away.

There, our hosts, the Frankls, treated us and another Grand Forks couple to a whopping great time on the lake. We spent most of the day on the water. As a self-proclaimed 'flatlander' not used to boats, I am surprised I kept my breakfast, lunch and dinner where it was supposed to be.

Throughout the day, we kept hearing "you have to meet 'so-and-so,' they're just great," in describing a person or couple or family. And met them all we did, I think, but many of the names escape me. Of course, once they learned I worked for a newspaper, they all feared they'd be in the paper. No worries folks, what happens in Kitchi, stays in Kitchi.

By the end of the day, on the water or back at the resort or back at the Frankls, most were just calling me and Betsy "Mr. and Mrs. Editor," which brought some laughs and a few looks from others not yet introduced.

And they were great. All accepted Betsy and me into their circle with ease; proudly extolling the virtues of lake living in Northern Minnesota, especially on Kitchi.

Early in the day I spied the T-shirt worn by one of our hosts. It simply said "Kitchi Time."

That about sums it up.

We'll be back, that's for sure.

AIS series

This past Sunday, we wrapped up a series of weekend articles on Aquatic Invasive Species and how they are impacting our lives in and around Bemidji.

It was a strong series, I think, as we looked at several aspects in the fight against AIS further spreading and harming our ecosystem.

But our reporting on AIS is not over by any means. If you know something you think we should now, please let us now at

Matt Cory

Matt Cory is the Editor of the Pioneer. Cory grew up in East Grand Forks and is a graduate of the University of North Dakota. He worked as a reporter, copy editor and editor at the Grand Forks Herald from 1993 to 2013, when he joined the Pioneer as Editor.

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