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Book and DVD donation

Doctors Robert S. Johnson and Jason W. Dixon, along with interns Amanda L. Johnson and Adam J. Lukes of Chiropractic Professionals in Bemidji recently collected donations of used books and DVDs and donated them to the Red Door Bookstore located in the Bemidji Public Library. The Red Door Bookstore has been in operation for nine years and sells donated books and DVDs to raise money to help purchase new materials for the library. From left are: Adam J. Lukes; Amanda L. Johnson; Robert S. Johnson; Mary Lou Marchand, chair of the Red Door Bookstore committee; Shawnesy Curfman, Jason W. Dixon and Amber Panzer. Curfman and Panzer are employees of Chiropractic Professionals, which collected 135 items. New and existing patients received a free therapy for their donations.