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Insect Inferno inventors showcased in Boston

Corey Westrum and his wife, Sue, owners and inventors of Insect Inferno, were featured with their new distributor, Pest Control Supplies, Oct. 17-20 at PestWorld in Boston.

Corey and Sue Westrom

The Westrums brought a demonstration trailer for attendees to view how the product works to kill bedbugs without chemicals.

Pest Control Supplies has recently been named the sole national distributor of Insect Inferno within its heat division.

“Corey and I had been distributing Insect Inferno for the past three years and we are very excited to announce that Pest Control Supplies will be our sales force for our product,” said Sue Westrum.

The Insect Inferno is an enclosed trailer that heats quickly and will increase the core temperature of furniture such as mattresses, box-springs, couches, chairs and other household items to kill insects and their eggs. The process is cost-effective, efficient and does not use chemicals, the Westrums said. Trailer sizes are 14, 18 or 22 feet in length.

The heat source is contained heat that is circulated with fans to keep the temperature within two or three degrees of desired temperature at all times. The items that need to be treated are placed inside the unit and back doors are shut and locked. The desired temperature is set and the heating process begins.

The Insect Inferno is equipped with an electronic monitoring system so the core temperature of the items being treated and the actual air temperature of the unit can be treated.

“We wanted a product that was chemical free and user friendly. Insect Inferno is very easy to use and it works like no other bedbug product on the market today,” said Corey Westrum.

The control room is located at the front of the trailer where the electronics, computers and controls for the temperature and fans are located. This heat controlled insect eliminating system has actuators on the trailer to lower and raise the unit for easy loading and unloading of items.

Pest Control Supplies markets professional pest control products for homes, businesses, governments and other environments needing pest control and protection.