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Naylor Heating & Refrigeration remains open for business

BEMIDJI – Naylor Heating & Refrigeration remains open for business.

The business, based in Wilton, will not be affected by the recent announcement that Naylor Electric is closing.

Naylor Heating & Refrigeration is a separate business entity. It continues to be open and will remain open heading into the future, said Deb LaRue, president.

The confusion arose earlier this week when the owners of Naylor Electric announced that they were preparing to close their store across from Paul Bunyan Mall in advance of their retirement.

But the closure of Naylor Electric will have no effect on the operation of Naylor Heating & Refrigeration.

“People have been confused about the two companies ever since we started,” LaRue said in a press release. “We want to let everyone know that our company plans on sticking around for a long time.”

Naylor Heating & Refrigeration, owned by LaRue and David McCollum, has been in operation for years. It was registered as a business in 1997. LaRue and McCollum took over full ownership of the company in January 2010.

“We kept the Naylor name when we bought the HVAC and Refrigeration division because David McCollum and I had worked with them for years,” LaRue said in the release. “Everyone knew and respected the family. While we’ll miss our friends at Naylor Electric, their closing has no bearing on our operations. We love our customers and invite anyone to stop by and visit … or call us … if they’re concerned.

“I can’t say it enough – Naylor Heating & Refrigeration is not closing.”

Naylor Heating & Refrigeration provides residential and commercial sales, installation and service on air-conditioning systems, rooftop units, furnaces, boilers, heating systems, gas/electric fireplaces, heat pumps, commercial appliances, refrigeration systems, ductwork and air-purification equipment. The business also offers 24/7 emergency service.

Naylor Heating & Refrigeration is located at 172 Spirit Ave. NW in Wilton and can be reached at 444-4328.