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Food the target as retailer expands selection

Bemidji's Target store, which opened in 1991, is about to undergo a renovation. The retailer is not expanding its footprint, but it does plan to offer a larger grocery department. Monte Draper | Bemidji Pioneer

It won't become a SuperTarget, but the Bemidji retailer is planning to expand its grocery section.

Target, 2100 Paul Bunyan Drive NW, will soon undergo a renovation to expand its grocery department by adding additional coolers and freezers, said Mike Miller, building official with the city of Bemidji.

The project value listed in the building permit is $500,000, which includes $400,000 for the mechanical work required for the new freezers and refrigeration systems, Miller said.

Work is expected to begin sometime in March and take about 13 weeks to complete, he said.

The local Target spokesman could not be reached for comment. A spokesman from corporate Target's communications department said in an email that he did not have any specific information on a Bemidji store renovation.

The Bemidji Target store has posted a job announcement seeking workers for its "remodel team" as it "transitions to an updated prototype offering a greater food selection."

Temporary workers are being sought for overnight, 35-hour work weeks, according to the job posting.

Miller said Target plans to change the front entrance and do some rearranging which will allow for an expanded selection of the type of groceries currently available.

But they won't be offering fresh produce, he said, and the plans will not convert the retailer into a SuperTarget, which is the retailer's full grocery store model.