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Free paint is available for community restoration projects

For the 14th consecutive year, the Northwest Minnesota Foundation has announced the availability of free paint for community fix-up and restoration projects.

In partnership with the Valspar Corporation and the Minnesota Beautiful Picture-It-Painted Program, help will be given to towns and organizations to obtain the paint and other coating materials required for selected projects.

"Over the years, visual improvements all around the region have resulted from The Picture-It-Painted Program. Literally thousands of gallons of paint have been given for a wide range of projects," said Nancy Vyskocil, NMF president. "We're pleased to be working with Valspar once again to help bring the Minnesota Beautiful project to our communities."

Free paint will be made available by NMF and Valspar in support of projects that best meet certain eligibility criteria. Selection will be based on the visual impact of the proposed projects, potential advantages to the public, volunteer participation and support, current and/or intended use of the structure to be refurbished, and benefits to those in need.

Qualifying projects might include, but are not limited to, those involving historic structures, senior citizen and community centers, facilities for the disabled, publicly owned buildings, and murals or other visual-impact designs. Projects that would not qualify include those involving denominational churches, city maintenance, private properties or school projects (except for murals).

Picture-It-Painted applications are due by March 7. Awards will be announced March 28. Applications are available at, or by calling NMF at 759-2057 or 800-659-7859.

"Many towns and organizations will compete for this chance to renew or preserve a community asset," Vyskocil said. "We encourage all applications and appreciate the spirit shown for the projects."

The Northwest Minnesota Foundation invests resources, creates opportunities and promotes philanthropy to make the region a better place to live and work.