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Intern program helps businesses

Minnesota businesses interested in reducing waste and improving efficiency can apply for a Minnesota Technical Assistance Program intern. The deadline to apply is Feb. 1.

Each summer, six-eight companies in Minnesota participate in MnTAP's intern program. This program aids companies in adding an extra engineer to address waste and energy issues without the added payroll expense. The interns are supported by MnTAP staff members, who provide technical guidance and pollution prevention and energy efficiency resources. MnTAP funds two-thirds of the student's salary; the company covers the remaining one-third ($2,500).

Proposed projects are evaluated for their reduction potential, specific goals achievable in three months, repetition of previous projects, and application of results to other Minnesota businesses along with company interest and commitment. Projects should focus on identifying specific options for reducing wastes and increasing efficiency.

In 2010, the interns recommended solutions that could save eight companies more than $1.7 million and result in significant environmental reductions: 85,000 lbs solid waste, 410 lbs wastewater loading, 27 million gallons of water, 14 million kWh, and 1 million therms.

For more information about the intern program or the application process, see or contact Krysta Larson at MnTAP at 612-624-1300 or 800-247-0015.