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Franchise Blockbuster locations in Bemidji area not affected by bankruptcy

The recently announced bankruptcy filing of Blockbuster, Inc. will not affect locally owned franchise Blockbuster stores, according toi Kevin Seeger, managing partner, franchisee of the the Bemidji Blockbuster.

Parent company Blockbuster Corp. based in Dallas, Texas, operates 3,200 company-owned Blockbuster locations and is a franchisor for 383 stores nationwide. The company announced Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Seeger said the local business "is on a firm footing. As an independent company, we are not tied to the financial performance of the corporation." He said he has confidence that Blockbuster Corp. will weather the crisis and "emerge from bankruptcy stronger than before."

"It's business as usual here in Bemidji. Our team looks forward to continuing to serve our local area customers and our community as always," he said.The company may be accessed at