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City of Cass Lake enhanced by Small Cities Development Program

Activity continues under the Cass Lake Small Cities Development Program as result of a joint effort between the city of Cass Lake and the Cass County Economic Development Corporation.

The EDC has provided specialized assistance with the application and administration of this $414,000 grant that provides funding opportunities for the rehabilitation of owner-occupied homes and down payment assistance for the construction of new homes in Cass Lake.

Projects are funded in part by a grant and by the homeowner. Rehabilitation projects typically address health and safety or energy efficiency issues.

Homeowner Angela Polman utilized the program to make necessary improvements to her home which included the replacement of a door, roof, outdoor faucet, cracked gutter spout and windows and repairing a hole in the foundation.

"If it wasn't for this program I could not have afforded to do what work has been done," Polman said.

Eleven rehabilitation projects have been completed and seven are in progress. One application is still available for up to $16,000 in owner-occupied rehab. Applicants must be income eligible. Call BiCAP at 751-4631 for applications.

Four individuals have applied for the down payment assistance program. Two homes have been completed and two are approved and in the bidding process, with construction expected to begin soon. One down payment assistance application remains available. The program provides up to $20,000 in down payment assistance for the construction of a new house in Cass Lake. Applicants must be within the income guidelines as defined by the Department of Employment and Economic Development and must demonstrate credit worthiness.

For applications, contact the Cass County EDC at 218-947-7522. The Cass Lake Small Cities Development Program ends Dec. 31.