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Thiemecke attends MN Girls State

Sharon Thiemecke representing Ralph Gracie Unit No. 14, American Legion Auxiliary of Bemidji has returned from spending a week as a counselor at Minnesota Girls State June 14-20 at Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minn.

Minnesota Girls State is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Minnesota.

The purpose of the program is to provide citizenship training for girls in their junior year of high school; to inform them about the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship in order for them to understand and participate in the functioning of their government; and to help them grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities they must assume when they become adults.

Activities for the 410 participating girls included campaigning for office, forming party platforms, participating in caucuses, electing officials and passing legislation while learning together and living together as self-governing citizens.