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RMCEP receives stimulus funding

Rural Minnesota CEP has been awarded $2.5 million in stimulus funding from the Department of Employment and Economic Development.

The emphasis for the funding will be on summer employment for youth. The primary activity will be work experience.

"Summer jobs not only provide young people with a chance to earn money, but also provide them a chance to develop skills, learn responsibility, and develop a sense of pride that can only be accomplished through work,said Dan Wenner, RMCEP director.

In addition to work experience, components of the program will include outreach, assessment, orientation to the youth program and to RMCEP, the development of an Individual Service Strategy, a World of Work orientation, community involvement and leadership training, short-term pre-vocational skills training, worksite supervisor training and mentoring activities, regular progress reviews and the required follow-up.

For details, contact a youth coordinator at the WorkForce Center in Bemidji, 616 America Ave. N.W., or call 333-8188.

RMCEP is a WorkForce Center Partner, serving 19 counties in northwestern Minnesota.